So I just found this interesting niche store, this is the first store I found for twilight store, they sell products from (associated with everything is just about twilight, let me mention you some of the category on TwilightShop.Info.

Twilight Shop have a lot categories, they have 8 Categories, wow I guess there is lot of things that is related to twilight. Well I’m not gonna mention all of the categories, I will just tell you some of good product category.

Twilight Books
Well I guess everybody already know about twilight books from Stephenie Meyer, and of course they sell twilight books, like new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn, but there is the other books you might haven’t see.

Twilight Apparel
Guess what? you can get awesome glow in the dark twilight sweatshirt from this store, I love that sweatshirt, I guess you should browse some apparel you like.

Twilight Posters
Lot of cool poster to hang in your wall.

Well I don’t have anything else to say, why don’t you check the site by your own, and tell me what you say about it.


Life is far from accustomed for Bella Swan during her chief year of top school. True, her activity is abounding of ball and boy troubles, but for Bella who sees herself as a crisis allurement activity holds abundant abundant more. Edward Cullen, her ever-handsome admirer who just happens to be a vampire.
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I wasn’t actually abiding how to amount these books, because in agreement of arcane superior they’re actually one star. Yet, they’re so alluringly abominable that in agreement of ball value, they apparently amount a 5-star review. Of course, I’m the babe that adores abominable monster movies on the SciFi channel, so maybe you shouldn’t assurance my judgment.
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I just watch Twilight this night, at Sunday night usually I just sit down in front of my computer, updating my web and blog, now its different… I have a date with my girl friend, and I’m not dating my computer again at Sunday night, wanna hear my story when I watch Twilight Movie?